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Groupper allows groupping multiple focusable elements as if they were one.

For example, let's consider a chat application. There is a flow of messages and a send new message input after. Every message might contain inner buttons (like the reaction buttons) and links. It would be inconvenient to Tab through every inner button and link when we simply need to reach the new message input. We can apply Groupper to the chat message. When the Groupper element gets focus, it will require additional Enter press to go to the focusable elements inside the Groupper, otherwise next Tab press will move focus outside of the Groupper.

Groupper plays well with Mover.

In general an element with the Groupper should be focusable (i.e. should have tabindex=0):

<div data-tabster='{"groupper": {...}}"' tabindex="0" title="Group of buttons">


To get the Groupper working, we need to call the getGroupper() function:

import { createTabster, getGroupper } from "tabster";

let tabsterCore = createTabster(window);



tabbability?: GroupperTabbability

Unlimited | Limited | LimitedTrapFocus

With Unlimited tabbability the Groupper is tabbable automatically without any additional Enter press to activate the Groupper. Though the Mover will still treat it as a singular entiry.

With Limited tabbability an Enter press is needed to go to the Groupper's inner focusable elements (and Esc to go back outside). Once we've entered the Groupper, we can keep tabbing it's inner focusables, once the last focusable is reached, the focus will move outside of the Groupper.

With LimitedTrapFocus we have the same behaviour as with Limited but the focus will be trapped inside the groupper.


See a few Groupper examples in the Storybook.